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Understanding Facility Fees

A facility fee is a separate charge or billing that you may have to pay when you obtain the professional services of a physician or other medical practitioners in a hospital or other health facilities.

Facility fees are also charged to the patient’s account if they see that the medical practitioners are practicing in an office owned by the hospital or healthcare facility. The cost of facility fees varies on the service that you received, and this fee is typically higher than the professional fee.

A lot of insurances do not cover facility fees, while some medical plans cover only a portion of the facility fee.

Is There a Way To Avoid Facility Fees?

When scheduling an appointment with a medical provider, ASK if you will be charged a facility fee.

For your interventional pain management needs, visit Advance Sports & Spine. We are a No Facility Fee interventional pain management provider in Charlotte, NC.
Compared to having a procedure performed at a hospital, Advance Sports & Spine will not charge you a facility fee.

Thus, you can spend less while availing affordable care and high-quality pain management treatments with cutting-edge facilities.

We come highly recommended by many referring physicians, and Dr. Usman Ahmad is committed to providing the relief that you deserve.

Fees & Insurance

For the convenience of our patients Advanced Sports & Spine provides direct billing services with most insurance companies.

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