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low back strain caused by muscle spasm or tension


Back pain is a leading cause of disability worldwide and is a common reason patients seek medical attention. The pain can range from a muscle ache to a shooting pain that radiates through your back and leg that worsens with movement. Although back pain often improves with rest and at-home care, medical interventions may be needed. At Advanced Sports & Spine, we provide treatment for back pain in Charlotte to help relieve your pain.

How it Works?

Regenerative Medicine for Back Pain

Our multidisciplinary approach to pain management includes offering regenerative medicine to the greater Charlotte area. Regenerative medicine includes PRP therapy and stem cell therapy. These treatments offer patients alternatives to invasive surgeries and allow the body to heal naturally. Regenerative interventions help regrow, replace, or repair damaged tissues thus reducing back and neck pain and improving mobility and quality of life. Stem cell therapy is used for more advanced procedures, while PRP therapy is used for less severe joint issues.

Regenerative Medicine - PRP Therapy for the Back

Platelet Rich Plasma, or PRP, has multiple medical uses which harness the body’s own healing properties. At Advanced Sports & Spine, PRP therapy is used to treat sports and musculoskeletal injuries, including back pain. With this treatment, the patient’s own blood is drawn and spun in a centrifuge. The platelet-rich plasma is then re-injected into the treatment site to promote faster healing.

Advanced Sports & Spine offers knee pain treatment in Charlotte
Stem Cell Therapy for Back Pain

For more advanced back pain or injuries, stem cell therapy may be recommended. With this revolutionary procedure, we can target the underlying source of your pain rather than relying on medication or surgery. Stem cell therapy may provide patients with an option to avoid risky, invasive surgery. 

Stem cell therapy is a cutting-edge procedure for back pain. It offers patients the following benefits:

  • Treatment is minimally invasive as opposed to a highly invasive surgery.
  • Less downtime is needed. The recovery period may be days as opposed to months.
  • The treatment promotes faster, natural healing leading to improved function and mobility.
  • Back pain is reduced as swelling subsides and the damaged tissues are repaired.

Who’s a candidate?

Do you suffer from constant back pain? Has your pain been ongoing for over a month? If rest and over-the-counter pain relievers are not treating your pain, you may need to see your doctor.

At Advanced Sports & Spine in Charlotte, our integrative approach to pain management includes non-surgical, non-opioid treatments. We personalize back pain treatment for patients with the following conditions, injuries, or symptoms:

prp therapyLimited mobility

bone marrow stem cellChronic or lingering back pain

adipose derived stem cell therapyPain that worsens with movement

prp therapyBack injuries

bone marrow stem cellOsteoarthritis


interventional spinal injections in charlotte
Interventional Spinal Injections

Injections can be used to diagnose and treat back pain. Interventional spinal injections are non-surgical, non-opioid pain management options for back pain. Medication is delivered directly to the injured area and includes an anti-inflammatory solution allowing healing to begin quickly. Treatments are performed in 10-15 minutes in the office with an additional 15 minutes needed for monitoring.

Epidural Injections in charlotte
Epidural Injections - Transforaminal, Intralaminar, Caudal

Epidural injections are used to relieve back pain and improve mobility without surgery. The injection delivers steroids into the epidural space and around the spinal nerves to reduce inflammation. An epidural is not a cure, but rather it is a pain relief solution. The treatment gives the body time to heal and allows the doctor to address underlying concerns before surgery needs to be considered.

medial branch blocks or facet joint injections in charlotte
Medial Branch Blocks / Facet Joint Injections

The facet joints run along the spinal column and are susceptible to injury, wear and tear, and disease. A medial branch block or facet joint injection is a minimally invasive outpatient procedure. The procedure itself is about 15 minutes long and involves injecting a local anesthetic and a corticosteroid into the injured area. The result is reduced inflammation and lasting back pain relief.

Radiofrequency nerve ablation in charlotte
Radiofrequency Ablation

Radiofrequency ablation is a non-surgical, minimally invasive procedure for pain relief. This treatment utilizes radio waves to ablate or heat nerve tissue which keeps pain signals from reaching the brain. Radiofrequency nerve ablation can be used to treat chronic low back pain, sacroiliitis, and arthritis pain.

selective nerve block injection in charlotte
Selective Nerve Block (SNRB) Injection

Neck and back pain may be caused by irritation or inflammation of the nerve root in the spinal column. This may include a herniated disc, bone spur, or irritated nerve which cause pain, numbness, and tingling sensations. Selective nerve block injections deliver medication to the nerve root reducing inflammation and pain. Back pain relief is noticeable within a few days of the treatment..

Lumbar Sympathetic Block Treatment in charlotte
Lumbar Sympathetic Block Treatment

A lumbar sympathetic block relieves low back pain caused by complex regional pain syndrome, peripheral neuropathy, reflex sympathetic dystrophy, and more. An anesthetic and steroid are injected into the sympathetic nerves in the low back.

trigger point injections in charlotte
Trigger Point Injections

Sensitive spots, or trigger points, develop in taut bands of muscle, usually in the back or shoulder, and cause pain. A trigger point injection is a commonly used pain management technique to relieve muscle pain. An anesthetic and corticosteroid are injected using a small sterile needle. Patients experience pain relief within a few days of the treatment.

Sacroiliac Joint Injections in charlotte
Sacroiliac Joint Injections

Inflammation of the sacroiliac joints can cause lower back pain. A sacroiliac joint injection can diagnose and treat your pain. An SI joint injection reduces joint inflammation and provides back pain relief that may last months.

ganglion impar block in charlotte
Ganglion Impar Block

Ganglion impar blocks can be diagnostic or therapeutic. The ganglion impar nerve is behind the tailbone and, when damaged or injured, causes low back or perineal pain. A ganglion nerve block is a safe, easy procedure with little to no side effects. Medication is delivered directly to the treatment site, reduces inflammation, and provides pain relief.

treatable back conditions in Charlotte

Back pain is a common ailment with various causes. Pain may be caused by injury, an underlying condition, or an untreated spinal problem. Common back conditions include:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Disc disease – herniation or bulge
  • Sciatica or pinched nerve
  • Low back strain caused by muscle spasm or tension
  • Piriformis syndrome
  • Compression fracture
  • Complex regional pain syndrome
  • Coccyx pain

If you experience back pain, you can begin the following exercises to alleviate your pain. These movements may help strengthen your spine and back. Avoid exercises that increase your pain. Once your pain is under control, additional strengthening and stretching exercises may be recommended.

  • Side plank
  • Quadruped arm/leg raise
  • Extension exercise
  • Hamstring stretch on wall
  • Quadriceps stretch
  • Hip adductor stretch
  • Isometric hip adduction
  • Gluteal sets
  • Lower trunk rotation
  • Single knee to chest stretch
  • Double knee to chest
  • Standing hamstring stretch
  • Cat and camel
  • Pelvic tilt
  • Partial curl
  • Gluteal stretch
  • Back extension with/without arm support
  • Plank with bent knees
  • Bridge curl
  • Table top
Dr. Usman Ahmad and the team at Advanced Sports & Spine in Charlotte

Frequently Asked Questions



At our pain management clinic in Charlotte, NC, we offer several different options for treating back pain. Regenerative medicine such as PRP therapy, stem cell therapy, radiofrequency ablation, and trigger point injections are just a few of the treatments we offer to reduce or eliminate back pain.


Exercises are a great way to strengthen and support your back. A combination of exercises and back pain treatment may be necessary to fully relieve your pain or treat your injury. 

It is always a good idea to discuss your exercise plans with your doctor before starting them on your own to avoid further damage to your back. As always, avoid exercises and movements that increase your pain. Our team can assess the cause of your back pain and recommend the appropriate exercises and treatment for your needs.


While back pain may subside on its own within a few weeks of rest, lingering pain should be evaluated. If you have serious or chronic back pain that affects your quality of life, contact a health professional. A doctor who specializes in pain management, like Dr. Ahmad, can evaluate your back condition.


Back pain may represent various issues from minor to severe. Mild muscle soreness or inflammation may subside with rest and at-home treatment. More serious injuries or degenerative diseases require medical intervention to treat the condition and relieve your back pain.

Without knowing the exact cause of your pain, it is hard to say if the pain will resolve on its own. Contact a pain management specialist to evaluate and treat your back pain, especially if the pain is severe or does not subside on its own.


Any injury or trauma to your back has the potential to be serious. It affects your mobility and quality of life. If your back pain is severe or does not go away with rest and at-home measures such as over-the-counter pain relief, ice, or heat, it is time to contact a physician. An evaluation is necessary to determine the source of your back pain and how serious the condition is.


Our joints wear down with age, wear and tear, and injuries. Protecting and strengthening your joints are a great way to keep them healthy. 

To keep your back healthy, remember to maintain good posture. Avoid slouching or slumping as it is hard on your spine. Also, be sure to exercise regularly, strengthen your core which helps support the spine, avoid lifting heavy items, and wear shoes with good support.


How long your back pain lasts depends on the underlying cause of the pain. Acute pain from a minor injury may last a few days to a couple of weeks and may resolve with at-home treatment. More serious injuries or conditions may require medical interventions and rehabilitation to relieve your pain. Treatments, exercises, and lifestyle changes may help relieve your pain once the source is determined.


Finding the right back pain treatment requires determining the cause of the pain. Schedule an appointment with your pain management team for an evaluation. Once the root of your pain is known, we can create a custom treatment plan to ease your back pain.


A pulled muscle or muscle spasm is a common cause of back pain. Symptoms of a pulled muscle include:

  • Pain only with movement
  • Muscle cramps or spasms in your back
  • Pain that may radiate into the buttocks, but not into the legs
  • Trouble walking, bending, or standing up straight

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